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Welcome to the Climate Page!

Climate Smart Community

  • Registered on 8/11/2015
  • Click here for Resolution
    • Resolution Goals:
    • 1. Pledge to be a Climate Smart Community
    • 2. Set Goals, Inventory Emissions, Plan for Climate Action
    • 3. Decrease Community Energy Use
    • 4. Increase Community Use of Renewable Energy
    • 5. Realize Benefits of Recycling and other Climate Smart Solid Waste Management Practices
    • 6. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Climate-Smart Land-Use Tools
    • 7. Enhance Community Resilience and Prepare for the Effects of Climate Change
    • 8. Support Development of a Green Innovation Economy
    • 9. Inform and Inspire the Public
    • 10. Commit to an evolving Process of Climate Action
    • Certification: IN PROGRESS
  • Climate Action Planning Institute (CAPI)
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