A Letter from the Treasurer Regarding the Budget

Village Clerk

Questions relative to taxes or any finance related issues call: 845-297-8773 X 4 or email:  ljiava@wappingersfallsny.gov

Questions relative to Residential Garbage call: 845-297-8773 X 1 or email: hmccormick@wappingersfallsny.gov

Questions relative to water call: 845-297-8773 X 8 or email: balfonso@wappingersfallsny.gov

Questions relative to Vital Records such as Death Certificates, Marriage License’s Etc. call: 845-297-4158 wait for the Town Clerk Prompt.  

Questions relative to Village Court call: 845-297-6777 or email: court@wappingersfallsny.gov 

Questions relative to Building Department/Zoning call: 845-297-5277 or email: mperez@wappingersfallsny.gov

Questions relative to Notary call: 845-297-8773 X 5 or email: jkarge@wappingersfallsny.gov

Questions relative to street /tree issues call: 845-297-9758 or email: dpw@wappingersfallsny.gov

Questions relative to Parking Permits call: 845-297-8773 X 5 or email:  jkarge@wappingersfallsny.gov

– Village Clerk Office: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday – Friday.

Call 845-297-8773 EXT. 5

– Handicap Applications will only be accepted through the mail or in person. 

– Please send foil requests to foilrequests@wappingersfallsny.gov 


Questions concerning Accounts Payable/Receivable or Tax Info – Call Lori Jiava 845-297-8773 EXT. 314 or eMail: LJIAVA@WAPPINGERSFALLSNY.GOV

Questions concerning Department of Public Works call John Nuculovic 845-867-8132 or eMail: DPW@WAPPINGERSFALLSNY.GOV

John M. Karge, Village Clerk, RMC, CMC, Deputy Treasurer, Notary
2582 South Avenue
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

Phone:  (845) 297-8773 Extension 5

Email: jkarge@wappingersfallsny.gov