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Adopted Zoning Map
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Bond Resolution    


Kevin Huber, Mayor 845-297–8773 ext 6
Jennifer Niznik, Deputy Mayor

Village Clerk

John Karge – Village Clerk, Deputy Treasurer 845-297–8773 ext 5

Village Treasurer

Lori Jiava, Treasurer 845-297–8773 ext 4
Lisa Napoli, Assistant Treasurer 845-297–8773 ext 4

Staff Assistant

Heather McCormick, Sanitation Clerk 845-297–8773 ext 1 Fax: 845-298-2645
Ann Marie Pantaleo, Receptionist 845-297–8773 ext 0

Grant Writer

Lori Jiava 845-297–8773 ext 7

Water Department

John Kozak, Water Operator 845-297-3787

Superintendent of Highways

John Nuculovic 845-297-9758


Brenda VonBurg 845-297–8773

Justice Court

Raymond Chase, Village Justice 845-297–6777
Richard W. Fiorile, Associate Justice 845-297–6777
Jamielyn Boldrin, Clerk to the Justice 845-297–6777

Parks & Recreation

John Tyliszczak 845-297–8773

Building, Planning & Zoning Office

Bryan Murphy, Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator 845-297–5277
Deputy Building Inspector 845-297–5277
Brenda Alfonso, Secretary to Building, Planning & Zoning Office 845-297–5277 Fax: 845-296-0379

Planning Board

Thomas Morris, Chair

Zoning Board

Allen Firstenberg, Chair

Water Board

Kevin Huber, Chair

Fire Department

Jason Enson, Fire Chief
Mark Scianna, Assistant Chief

Police Department

Paul Italiano, Police Commissioner 845-297–1011