Residential Structure Demolition Contract-Franny Reese Project-Pre Bid Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 7th @ 9:00am has been rescheduled due to the pending inclement weather to Friday, March 9th at 9:00 am.

Call of Election 2/22/18

Relevy for Water/Sewer and Residential Garbage District

Dear Residents and Home Owners:  Please note that it's the end of the year and any unpaid Water/Sewer or Garbage amounts will be relevied to the 2018-2019 Village Tax Bill.  Payments must be received on or before Wednesday, April 4th, 4pm.

Snow Ordinance and reminders

Please click here for information on the Snow Ordinance

2016 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Please follow the link below to view the Drinking Water Quality Report for 2016: 


2015 Zoning Code Amendments Final Draft

Wappingers Falls Stormwater Wetland System

Follow the link below to see a video by RENEWAGE on Wappingers Falls' efforts to improve its green infrastructure and better manage its stormwater runoff:

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