Mayor Matt Alexander

Mayor Matt Alexander was elected to his first term in 2007 and has served the Village as Mayor ever since; winning 3 more terms (2009, 2011, and 2013) as the Democratic and Republican Nominee. 

Mayor Alexander previously served as 2nd Ward Trustee and served 4 years on the Village’s Planning Board (2002-2006).  Prior to this service, he had gained extensive experience in capital financing in the private sector.  In 1991 Mayor Alexander passed his CPA exam while working for a public accounting firm in New York City. Alexander owns and operates a business on East Main Street in the Village. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. 

Mayor Alexander’s key issues have centered around improving critical infrastructure, promoting economic development, watershed protection, and securing essential services for Village residents. Mayor Alexander developed the "Top Five Priorities" approach to addressing Village’s most serious problems and systematically worked to develop real and timely solutions. These Priorities include: Infrastructure, Water, Lake, Bleachery Development, and Economic Development.

Critical Infrastructure
Mayor Alexander planned and completed 11 total Street projects offset with $700,000 of grant funding obtained by his administration. In 2013, under Mayor Alexander's leadership, the Village was awarded $8 million in federal funds in order to rehabilitate critical infrastructure on 17 streets. This rehabilitation includes the water mains, sewer lines, curbing and sidewalks.  

The Mayor believes that without well maintained critical infrastructure it is impossible to adequately serve residents, businesses, and visitors to the Village of Wappingers Falls. This has been the number one priority of his administration and has engaged regional cooperation to plan the renovation of this community's capital needs. This engagement has attracted regional talent through the use of regional institutions of higher education. Specifically, Mayor Alexander has had 17 Marist College interns in the past 8 years.


Economic Development
Mayor Alexander has worked with the Department of Environmental Conservation to kick start a 20 year old Village Superfund Site's $5.8 million remediation and redevelopment. Work was completed in the autumn of 2014. On December 11, 2014, Empire State Development funding in the amount of $800,000 was secured for infrastructure improvements to this Superfund Site in order to expedite its redevelopment.
The Mayor also developed a Parks Plan to address Village's increasingly outdated parks and recreation facilities. These improvements to recreational assets will help foster a more viable and attractive economic climate within Wappingers Falls.

Watershed Protection
In addition to serving the community as Mayor of Wappingers Falls, Matt Alexander is Chairman of the Wappinger Watershed Intermunicipal Council of 13 Wappinger Creek Watershed municipalities since 2011. Has started and completed Lake Studies to address sedimentation and phosphorous in Wappinger Lake, a Critical Environmental Area
Mayor Alexander was successful in curbing the number one Village sedimentation outflow, by developing and being awarded $634,000 in the 2011 Green Innovative Grant Program to treat storm runoff which was polluting the Lake.

Essential Services

Mayor Alexander funded and completed a Local Waterfront Revitalization Strategy 2011 to increase environmentally conscious development along the Wappinger Creek and Lake. He also planned and financed a $5.7 million new Water Treatment Facility completed in 2011 which restored the Village’s capability to supply their own, clean, drinking water throughout Wappingers Falls. This Water Treatment Facility, the first of its kind, operates while using Ultraviolet disinfection to greatly reduce the amount of chemicals added to the water supply. The construction of this facility saved the Village $1.1 Million to date. 


Partnering with County, State, and Federal Levels of Government

The Mayor believes that citizens of Wappingers Falls should not be subjected to failing infrastructure, hazardous pedestrian conditions, and believes strongly that they should have unimpeded access to the essential services which are the responsibility of a local government  to provide.  Mayor Alexander views the position of Mayor as that of an advocate for his constituents. In the past 8 years in office, the Mayor has secured over $19 million in funding to the Village for necessary infrastructure, essential service, and economic development projects.  Most recently, in 2014 the Village was awarded a DEC Volunteer Firefighter Assistance Grant for new fire helmets, a $699,400 Department of Transportation grant for pedestrian improvements to the Central Business District of the Village, a $975,000 grant from the NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation for water infrastructure improvements, and the aforementioned $800,000 Empire State Development grant for infrastructure improvements to the Bleachery Superfund Site.